A Global Social Media Anniversary


It was one year ago today that I saw this video of Marlow and Frances Cowan playing the piano in the atrium of the Gonda building at Mayo Clinic:

I embedded it on our Sharing Mayo Clinic blog, posted that link to Facebook, and Tweeted it. A year later, it has led to many media stories, including their appearance on Good Morning America, as well as a return concert by the Cowans. The total viewership on YouTube has gone from 1,005 a year ago to 6,978,263 as of this moment.

And earlier this week the Cowans were featured on the largest TV network in Japan, NHK. You can see the segment if you skip ahead to the 1:20 mark in the video below. (And if you get what is funny about the cat video, please clue me in via the comments below).

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