Facebook for Business: The Video

A week ago today I participated in a Rochester Chamber of Commerce seminar on Facebook for Business. I led off the discussion and then took lots of notes from Alan De Keyrel’s keynote presentation, which I summarized in this post.

Now Alan’s company has posted the video from the event so you can see it for yourself. Since it’s on Vimeo, I’ve embedded it below:

Alen De Keyrel on Facebook for Business from CWS on Vimeo.

Check out the CWS site for more resources.

FUEL Social Media Presentation

I had the opportunity late this afternoon to do a presentation to FUEL, a relatively new group sponsored by the Rochester, MN Chamber of Commerce, on “how to use social media to grow your business and advance your career.”

Here are the slides:

After my presentation, we had a panel discussion that included Wade Beavers and Joe Shriver of DoApp, Becky Ross of Fox Sports North and Fox Sports Wisconsin and Alan De Keyrel of Corporate Web Services.

We started a Twitter hashtag for Rochester community conversations, #RSTMN.

It was a great discussion with lots of good questions, and I appreciated the perspectives the other panelists brough. Becky made the great point the given the intensity of sports fans, it was important for @FSNorth to keep up a strong Twitter stream, because people who follow them. Alan beat me to the punch in saying that people need to stop thinking about the separation of personal and professional lives in social media, and realize that the distinction is really futile. I don’t think it’s even really desirable. Wade and Joe also brought a lot of good insights.