On Italy and Aletta

I’m in Baveno, Italy today and will be coming back to the U.S. tomorrow after my 8:30 a.m. presentation. As this video shows (and tells), this has been quite an eventful trip since I left Rochester, Minn. on Saturday morning:

I’m about to go for dinner, and this time I’m fairly confident I won’t be locking myself on the outside patio. Last night I had to call my host Hans and have him get someone from the front desk to rescue me. I’m not sure what I would have done if I hadn’t brought my phone out there with me, and if I hadn’t previously talked by cell with Hans. It’s about 30 feet to the ground, and I’m sure I would have freaked some of the other guests if they had seen a big blond guy crawling on the roof.

The hotel staffer graciously assured me that this had happened many times before. I’m blaming this incident on jet lag.

And while I’m not blaming my need to run to the Mall of America for dress pants during my MSP layover on my wife Lisa’s absence, it sure will be good to have her back home when I get there Thursday. She’s been in Grand Rapids, Mich. for the last 11 days to help my daughter Rachel, who just gave birth to our third grandchild, Aletta Louise Borg, last Wednesday. Lisa flies home Wednesday.

Here’s a picture of Rachel with her little brood, including the newest arrival:

I’m glad Lisa has been able to help Rachel, but with her home I will hopefully be less out of sorts.