More Good Reasons to Not Protect Your Tweets

For the background on the slide deck below, check out Twitter 135: 10 Reasons to NOT Protect Your Tweets.

After our interaction described above, which brought Lisa Fields (@PracticalWisdom) to the point of open tweeting, she was inspired to use her presentation design skills to turn my blog post into a set of slides, which I have embedded here:

Lisa has a great gift for finding the right photo or illustration to make a point. For fuller amplification of the slides, click this link to open Twitter 135 in a new window and read along as you advance through the slide show.

This leads me to my eleventh reason why you shouldn’t protect your tweets. If Lisa still was using tweet protection, you wouldn’t be able to see this tweet of hers from earlier today:

Now wouldn’t it be a tragedy if sentiment like that had been kept under wraps?