A SMUGgle Meetup

More of the power of social media: I’m in San Francisco today, and found out earlier this week that a SMUGgle from Norway was also going to be in town for a conference. Sturle Monstad (@SturleMo), who asked this good question in January. He came to meet me at the Ritz, and we had a nice talk. He even schooled me on the right way to say my last name in Norwegian, which helps me understand why my grandpa changed it to make it easier for the English-speakers.

I’m at the airport now, on the way back home, but it was nice to get another validation of the power of social media to make connection – even across oceans.

Cold Weather + Lousy Record = Cheap Ticket + Souvenir Baseball

My Visit to AT&T Park in San Francisco. I did this post using Utterz. The matching up of my emailed photo with the cell phone voice message didn’t work so well…so I had to upload manually from the Utterz site.

I will be doing a review of Utterz as a 200-level SMUG class.

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Media Relations 2008

I’m heading back to San Francisco tomorrow, for the second time this year. I’ll be attending Bulldog Reporter’s Media Relations 2008 conference. Here’s the schedule, which looks really interesting. I’m part of a panel on Tuesday called “Getting Personal:Telling your Story in Social Media: Facebook, LinkedIn and More.”

Seems kind of weird to have two colons in a program title. Is that even allowable in English?

I hope to be liveblogging many of the sessions, wireless access permitting. I’m particularly looking forward to:

  • Keynotes by Robert Scoble, Charlie Rose and Duncan Wardle (from Disney theme parks)
  • Katie Paine’s session on measuring online media impact
  • Other technology, new media, social media sessions
  • Mike Moran from IBM’s address called “Doing it wrong quickly: What corporations need from PR in Today’s Transforming Marketplace” also looks provocative.

I’ll be sharing highlights here.