Joining the Social Media Club Interim Board

Last week I got a note from Chris Heuer asking me to serve on an interim board of directors for the Social Media Club, the formation of which was announced today. This is an exciting project, and I was delighted to accept his invitation. Here’s what Chris says about what our charge will be…

According to Chris Heuer, founder of Social Media Club and Partner at The Conversation Group, “The Social Media Club is honored to have so many accomplished and well-regarded industry evangelists come forward to lead the organization. While the interim board will focus on charting the organization’s future direction, our core mission will remain the same: promotion of media literacy; support of industry standards efforts such as Creative Commons licensing, Microformats, Data Portability and OpenID; discussion and promotion of ethical behavior; and sharing our knowledge among our members and the industry community at large.

I’m honored to be included in this group, and clearly the interim board membership roster is in alphabetical order instead of by any measure of industry prominence. But then again, maybe I’m the only university chancellor. 😉

I look forward to engaging with the Social Media Club, which is “A community for the champions of Social Media and those seeking to learn.” That’s what SMUG is all about, too.

Chris Heuer Workshop on Tagging

Chris did an exercise on tagging, in which he had us all put post-it notes on our badges regarding three things we like to do. Then we circulated and looked for people with common interests.

He showed a video on tagging by Technorati, and also the popular tags on the photo sharing site, Flickr.

He also shared his tags for socialmedia.

Chris says people are tagging for their own purposes, so they can find things more easily later. It’s not primarily an altruistic endeavor. By tagging they can have a URL reside in multiple folders instead of just one.

The added benefit of saving things in this way and making the tags available publicly is it helps others, too.

Hearing Chis talk gave me an idea for another course I need to add to the SMUG curriculum. That will be part of the Core Curriculum, and will be called Social Media 106: Intro to Tagging.

Until I can get that written (or until Chris writes it for me as a visiting professor), these notes from his session will at least give an intro to the intro to tagging.