Social Media Summit – Day 2

We heard some excellent presentations today, including one from Andy Sernovitz of the Word of Mouth Marketing Association, another from Mary Owens of Motorola, and a third from Mayor Bill Gentes of Round Lake, IL. A panel discussion featuring Mary, Bill Hanekamp and Patrick Rooney also created some good discussion.

I liked Bill Hanekamp’s four essentials for a successful microsite: it needs to be Entertaining, with Exclusive content, Timely and Relevant to the target audience. We also talked afterward about whether companies can put their video on YouTube and still keep other companies from incorporating it into their for-profit sites. Bill said the owner of content maintains copyright, and a cease-and-desist letter to the offending company will get them to pull it down. The panel said companies need to have a presence on YouTube to be relevant.

This made Kimberly Smith’s kind words all the more meaningful as she launched her blog today. I firmly believe that as more communications professionals begin to understand just how easy it is to blog and start experimenting, they will find applications that make sense for them. As Michael Rudnick said, we need to see the tools as just infrastructure. Don’t pay attention to how most people use them. If they are free (and most of them are) and you can meet a need with them, be creative and take advantage.

So – for those who attended this week, what was the most important nugget you took away? What are you going to apply in your work? In your personal life?

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Author: Lee Aase

Husband of one, father of six, grandfather of 15. Chancellor Emeritus, SMUG. Emeritus staff of Mayo Clinic. Founder of HELPcare and Administrator for HELPcare Clinic.

16 thoughts on “Social Media Summit – Day 2”

  1. Lee, your presentation (along with the rest of the group) was great. The post-conference workshops also were most excellent. I’m at once frustrated at how I managed to remain ignorant of all the ins and outs of social media tools, but, at the same time, encouraged by how relatively easy it seems to be to ramp up efforts (compared to getting things moving on Web development in the early 90s).

    I’ll definately being looking at your blogs and steal… paying homage to some of the stuff you’re doing in terms of getting your content connected.

  2. Hi Lee,

    I’m sorry I wasn’t able to see you this past week – I’m lame at creating my own travel schedule, and was there a day too early, so I left too early…

    But from the posts I’ve been reading, you did a wonderful job again in your presentation. I would love to know whether you’re posting your slides anywhere or not?

    Maybe next time, my friend. Glad to know we crossed paths. Hope we do so again.


  3. Thanks, Janet. I’m sorry I missed you, too. I flew in late Tuesday after work, so didn’t get there for your pre-conference…and was disappointed we didn’t get to connect.

    I’m planning to post the presentation, probably here with a link to the ALI blog Michael set up.

    Will look forward to next time.

  4. Lee, thanks for your summary of the key points about creating microsites. Nice note taking. I also wanted to reiterate that while you can protect yourself or your company’s material once it’s posted on YouTube through a ceased-and-desist letter. That only works for other reputable companies. You can’t really stop the idiots out there from co-opting your material and using it for their own uses. However, that’s part of the new world order. And that prospect should deter you from posting to a broad range of online destinations.

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