Integrated Web Marketing with Other Media

Integrated Web Marketing was the focus of this morning’s final session at the Frost & Sullivan Sales & Marketing East 2007 Executive MindXChange. The formal title: Search and Cross-Channel Integration: How Search Marketing and Other Media Together Drive Results

Our presenters were Patrick Garrett and Kristine Segrist from Outrider and Steve Dennen from comScore. Unfortunately I didn’t get to stay for all of Steve’s presentation because I had to leave for the airport, but what I heard from him was really helpful and interesting.
Patrick and Kristine started with some diagnostic questions, as they sought to “bring sexy back to search.”

Are you integrating Search and PR?

They started with the story of rats overrunning a Taco Bell in New York City. Here’s the YouTube video:

[youtube=] ran Google ads on rats Taco Bell and related terms right away to take advantage of the situation and drive people, and about 36 hours later Taco Bell bought ads to tell its side of the story. So Taco Bell did the right thing, but was a little late. For crisis management, any time you have a statement you want to get before the public, you need to buy ads on related search terms.
Are you supporting major promotions via search?

For example, Nationwide mortage and Pizza Hut did Super Bowl ads featuring Kevin Federline and Jessica Simpson, respectively.

Here’s the Pizza Hut ad:

And here’s the K-Fed Nationwide ad:


Pizza Hut did a better job of promoting its ad, with a branded YouTube channel.

Is your search campaign capable of reacting to external factors?

Example was Sears home improvement having its ad bids on air conditioning keywords go up based on localized rising temperatures.

Are you measuring the impact of other media on search?

Kristine identified four keys to effective search integration

  1. Alignment
  2. Engagement
  3. Measurement & Analysis
  4. Search as a Diagnostic Tool

The Alignment case study was PMDD (severe PMS), in which a pharma company ran an unbranded campaign to raise awareness. They had viral user generated content site, while was the site for learning more, tracking daily moods, etc.

The viral site featured a video by the Veronicas, which also was available on YouTube:


More highlights to come…

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