Integrated Web Marketing Tidbits and Tips

A continuation of this post on integrated web marketing, with some interesting tidbits and tips:

  • 75 percent of viewers can’t remember a URL from a TV spot, so you need to make it easy to search for and find you once you’ve piqued their interest.
  • It makes sense to buy misspellings of keyword searches, too…these go really cheap. Also incorporate buzz words from TV spots. And if you bid on longer and more descriptive phrases the cost for each will be lower, too…and you’re more likely to get people who are more pre-qualified for your product or service.
  • Kristine pegged search engine share at 62 percent for Google, about 20 percent for Yahoo, perhaps 10 percent for MSN and minimal for
  • One interesting idea used in the distilled spirits industry was buying keywords to drive searchers to an online news story about a given brand of vodka winning a NY Times taste test. Google won’t sell to hard liquor sites. So just because you buy the ads doesn’t mean you have to send the traffic directly to your site; you can send to a site that speaks favorably about you.
  • comScore has a panel of 2 million people worldwide who have agreed to be continuously and passively observed when they are on the net.
  • 83 percent of the sales impact of search is latent or offline. In other words, people may not buy right at that minute, but search does affect their eventual decisions.
  • 31 percent of internet users regularly delete cookies. You can get the comScore cookie deletion white paper here.
  • In calculating the ROI on search campaigns, you need to remember that for every $1 spent directly online, another $1.20 is spent latently online within the next 60 days, you should factor in $.40 for cookie deletion, and $4.00 for offline sales.
  • Incorporate keywords/creative supporting PR, viral, word of mouth efforts and regional events
  • Make images part of press releases, with appropriate tags
  • Closed captioning for video makes it searchable. You may want to put this text in the metadata.
  • The example Kristine gave for Engagement was Dexter on Showtime. Among other things, they created an on-line game. Fox did something similar with Drive, not a great show, but the director Twittered his comments and insights during the debut.

Again, I wish I had been able to stay for the whole presentation, but maybe others who attended can fill in more details.

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