ALI Conference on Blogging and Podcasting

For the next three days I am in San Francisco for the Advanced Learning Institute’s conference on Blogging, Podcasting and other social media. It’s been great already, just in the first of two pre-conference seminars led by Shel Holtz. Every time I attend one of Shel’s presentations I get something new that could be applied in my work.

Some of it is Shel (he does a nice job in presenting), but the other factor is that the field is changing so quickly that there really is something new to learn every time.

One of the highlights of the presentation was when Shel showed the Smirnoff “Tea Partay” New England Gangsta Rap video. As he said, there’s no way this could get on broadcast TV, but as of this post it has had 1,582,822 views. One reason is because it is just this easy to incorporate into a blog:


The conference hotel is the Sheraton Fisherman’s Wharf. It’s a nice facility, and the front desk help was even nicer. When I arrived here last night I learned that the whole hotel was sold out, and my reservation was only for one night. Gulp! I don’t know how they did it, but the front desk person got me extended for two additional nights.

Sheraton Fisherman's Wharf

I will be blogging some highlights from the conference over the next few days, primarily as a way for me to save links for sites and resources that people suggest, so I can go home and have a “to-do” list of options to explore in my work.

Maybe it will be helpful to others, too. If you have other related sites to suggest, put them in the comments.

I’m looking forward to this conference. Just getting on the plane last night gave me some downtime for brainstorming about how to apply what I learned in my last session with Shel.

I’m presenting a case study at the conference on Friday.

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A GTD Podcast

Merlin Mann’s 43 Folders blog is part of my blogroll because it was part of the chain of blogs that led me to read Getting Things Done, by David Allen.

Merlin is also a great source for Mac-based geeky implementation tips for GTD, and helped me find Ethan Schoonover’s Kinkless system.

Merlin was recently at David’s home in Ojai, and recorded an interview with David (although I’m not sure who interviewed whom) and will be distributing the conversation over the next several weeks as a podcast.

The first segment, on Procrastination, is available now.

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My Recommendation on Three Things to Do

David Glickman, our conference keynote speaker, said everyone at WHPRMS should implement three things. I don’t know whether that’s ambitious enough or not. It’s better, as he said, than sticking the conference three-ring binder on the shelf as the proof of attendance.

I suggest these three, not because they are by themselves the most important, but because they are, as the conference theme says — “Sure-Bet Strategies” — gateways to continued learning that will help you hit the jackpot.

Start a blog. Go here for tips on where to find places to start one for free. Link to this blog as part of your Blogroll, leave comments, or use Trackbacks. There’s no better way to learn than by doing, so just go for it. It costs nothing except your time. And by participating in even just a few blogs that talk about issues that interest you, you’ll begin to get the feel for how blogs work, and their power. If you’re not naturally a hands-on learner, using this blog in particular, asking questions and joining the conversation, will be a way you can get tutoring from the community.

Get an RSS feed reader, or aggregator. Newsgator and Pluck are examples. Subscribe to the Lines from Lee RSS feed, so you can follow the conversation. A feed reader can help you keep track of hundreds of web sites without visiting them, multiplying what you know while trimming the time it takes to keep up on the news. Here are a few other sites where you can see examples of RSS feeds: the New York Times, Washington Post, Minneapolis Star Tribune and Mayo Clinic. You see that you can subscribe to a very specific kind of news.

Get iTunes and subscribe to some podcasts. For Immediate Release is a good twice-weekly podcast on communications and technology.