Boosting Morale of the Morale Boosters

That’s my job today as I make a presentation to the annual meeting of the Employee Services Management Association. The meeting theme is The Employee Morale Conference: Program Ideas to Perk Up Every Employee’s Personality. My presentation is entitled, “Social Networking Applications and Today’s Workforce.”

I hope to encourage, or maybe even inspire, these employee morale boosters to actively adopt social networking tools within their organizations to further engage and inspire their employees. The ESM site lists the top 10 types of employee services programs; social media tools go to the heart of why companies have employee services programs in the first place, and also can be use to enhance (or even completely manage) the basic programs these HR professionals offer.

This presentation has some of the same stories I customarily tell, but it’s tailored for the employee services community, with additional focus on employee engagement options and some of our Mayo Clinic programs that involve employee communications.

I welcome your feedback and questions, or if you have ideas to share with these HR professionals on how they can use social media tools to do their work more effectively, I’m sure they would appreciate hearing those, too.

Katie Paine on Social Media Measurement

Katie Paine is giving a whirlwind tour of the measurement landscape. I suggest you check out her blog (previous link) and her company site to dig in deeper. She says her slides are in the attendee packet (although I’m not seeing them.) I may need to follow up with a more in-depth post. She says they are or will be here. I just went there and signed up for a free account and downloaded a previous talk. I’m looking forward to downloading this one.

Katie’s 10 Signs that this is end of the world as we know it

10. I spent more time on Twitter, Facebook and Flickr yesterday than I did on email. (Here is Katie’s Twitter account and here is mine.)

9. Gatekeepers? What’s a gate keeper? Deadline? What’s a deadline? News is instant.

8. A start up company got 100 great marketing ideas for free from Twitter

7. It’s easier to put my message on M&Ms than it is to get it into an A-list blog

6. $0 budget YouTube videos about Barack Obama were seen by 120 times the audience of Clinton’s largest town hall meeting in US history that  cost millions

5. IBM gets more leads, sales and exposure from a $500 podcast than it does from an ad

… (Katie’s moving too fast now…I will ask Katie for the rest of her top-10 list)

1. Measurement is a whole lot easier

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