Taking (Triple) Aim with ICSI

I’m delighted to be working with Dr. Gary Oftedahl of the Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement to present a pre-symposium workshop this afternoon. We’re going to be exploring how social media can support the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s “Triple Aim” :

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) believes that new designs can and must be developed to simultaneously accomplish three critical objectives, or what we call the “Triple Aim”:

  • Improve the health of the population;
  • Enhance the patient experience of care (including quality, access, and reliability); and
  • Reduce, or at least control, the per capita cost of care.

During the first part of the workshop we will be providing background and deepening understanding of social media tools along with examples of their applications in health care and in other industries.

After the break we will be brainstorming ways social media can be practically applied to solve problems and to meet one or more of the three aspects of the IHI aim.

Please join the discussion, even if you can’t be in the room. Share your ideas for how social media can help improve population health, enhance the patient experience and reduce (or at least control) per capita costs for health care. Here are two ways you can participate:

  1. Put your thoughts in the comments below, and we will share with the group.
  2. Otherwise, we will be tweeting from the using the #CoCreate2012 hashtag. Follow the discussion and chime in with your ideas.

What do you think? How can social media improve the patient experience, promote population health and reduce per capita costs?


Closing the Gap with ICSI


I’m attending a conference in Bloomington, Minn. this morning, called “Closing the Gap: Innovative Strategies to Patient Involvement,” sponsored by ICSI, Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement. I’m doing a presentation on…you guessed it: Social Media.

Here are my slides:

I’m encouraging participants in the conference to get involved with the discussion through the #ICSIgap hashtag on Twitter.