Global Conversations

A couple of interviews I’ve done relating to social media (and particularly in health care) have recently been published to the Web. The first was with Ryan Zuk of the Public Relations Society of America, for its PRSA Tactics monthly newspaper. I had seen the print version, but yesterday got a couple of tweets saying it was now on the PRSA Web site.

Here’s one of the questions with my answer…

What advice can you offer PR practitioners for maturing their social media strategies?

A key for social media success is not getting bogged down in analysis. This is an unprecedented time of opportunity. We have the ability to communicate directly with our target communities while balancing our work with mainstream media. So don’t think of social media as another thing to do, but instead as part of your balanced communications diet.

…you can read the rest here. (Studious SMUGgles will note the reference to the SMUG Social Media Pyramid in that last sentence.)

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to travel to the Netherlands for a couple of presentations and some workshops, and after I had extricated myself from the doghouse, Lucien Engelen (@Zorg20), who organized the events, interviewed me briefly with his Flip mino HD camera. He recently uploaded the interview to YouTube and embedded it on his blog. I’ve embedded it below:

The video has already led to some interesting commentary on Twitter, including @CiscoGIII saying “I think you look better on camera than in real life.” I guess that’s another reason to love the Flip!

What do you think? (I mean about the content of the interviews; no need to comment on my in-person vs. on-camera appearance.)