Swedish Society of Medicine Presentation

I had the delightful opportunity yesterday to present a guest lecture for the Swedish Society of Medicine at their annual meeting on Gothenburg, Sweden. After my presentation, we had a symposium in which four other panelists and I also delivered 15-minute addresses.

Here are the slides I used for the longer presentation. Aside from the first couple of slides, which highlight historical connections between Mayo Clinic and Sweden (including 60 years ago this month, when Dr. Edward Kendall and Dr. Philip Hench were in Stockholm to receive the Nobel Prize), many of the slides will be recognizable for long-term SMUGgles.

Hopefully these slides will be particularly helpful for my Swedish-speaking friends who attended. I tried to not speak too quickly, but given that my address was in English (and that I went with my customary two-slides per minute pace) I thought it would be good to upload this version of the slides as well.

I’m at the airport in Gothenburg now, getting ready to board the plane to Amsterdam and then flying direct to Minneapolis. The nine-hour flight should give me some good time for thinking and planning.

As my new Swedish friends say…Hej!