Toward a Medical News Community

Amen to this from Steve Rubel:

Further, the lines between old and new media are blurring. Community is becoming a river that flows through virtually every web site, The media is adding social networking features while also embedding itself into big horizontal hubs like Facebook or Twitter. They have embraced changed faster than we have.

To thrive in this new distributed environment, the PR community must step out in front of the curtain, become a bit more technically adept and participate transparently as individuals in online communities. We will have to openly collaborate and add value to the network and help the companies we represent do exactly the same.

You can read the whole post here.

I’ve been thinking along those same lines, and I believe Facebook has tremendous potential for building community among journalists and the news sources with whom they work. That’s why I created a Facebook group called Health & Medical Journalists and PIOs. In a future post I will give more of the rationale. Meanwhile, if you’re interested in joining the group, I’ve set it up as closed, requiring that an Admin approve any new members. But just click here to join, and if you’re either a PIO for an academic medical center or a journalist, I’ll be glad to add you. I also will want to invite others to become Admininstrators, so let me know if you’re interested in that, too.
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Author: Lee Aase

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