A Sharp Presentation

Earlier this week I was in San Diego and had the opportunity to do a couple of presentations for leaders at Sharp HealthCare on Monday and Tuesday. It was nice to have a more extended time than usual for my presentations, as we had a half-hour introduction to the basics, after which one brave soul volunteered to sign up for Twitter while everyone else watched.

Then we took a break, and came back to the big picture discussion of the historic nature of the social media era, how it relates to mass media, and some concrete examples illustrating my 35 Theses.

Here are the slides:

It also was great to take Lisa along on this trip (she’s on slide #2). It was the first time she got to hear me present on social media, and we got to celebrate Mother’s Day in San Diego, Oceanside, Anaheim and Lake Arrowhead, California. Here’s where we had breakfast, on the way to church in Anaheim:

I love it when she rolls her eyes at me like that. Reminds me of my kids.

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