2 thoughts on “Boldly going where few have gone before…”

  1. Great slides – nice coupling of general principles with specific examples. For the benefit of anyone else just discovering your material, I’d like to add a link here to the full list of 35 Social Media Theses I found on another page here which formed the basis for some of the slides (I was wondering about #18, #33, etc .).

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love slide 66. Request for assistance. There are a few site logos hidden in the background that I can’t make out (I assume it was displayed as an animation build in PPT). I’m preparing my Physician Google Thyself module for presentation at a workshop next Friday 6/25 and would like to include links in my tracking spreadsheet giveaway for the participants.

    BTW: I introduced myself to you at HIC Nov 09 Vegas–I am the woman who’s ice skating teacher is Rhonda frequently featured in your video examples.

    I recommend your blog to everyone looking for social media self-help. Keep up the great work.

    Thanks for your help. Cheers,

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