Twitter 121: Sharing Photos with TwitPic

Note: This is the first in a series of reviews of third-party applications that are part of the Twitter ecosystem. If you would like to write a review of another application, please contact the Chancellor about becoming a SMUG Associate Professor.

Twitpic is a site that lets you share photos using your Twitter account. It’s easy to use; You don’t even need to sign up separately. You just log in with your Twitter username and password:


Then, from the main page you can click the “Upload Photo” link:


This starts a three-step process. First you select your image (I chose for the sake of illustration to use the same image I embedded above):


Then you enter information about the photo, including where it was taken and tags. If you use a real address, the photo will show up in a Google maps mash-up. I’m trying a non-standard approach for this one:


Finally, you enter your Tweet and hit “Post It”


Here’s what the Tweet will look like in your timeline on Twitter:


The link to your photo shows up right after your username, and if people click that link they can see and comment on it.


And of course, their comments also become Tweets:


And from the TwitPic site you can share the photo via several other social networking platforms:


Lest you think TwitPic is just for screen shots, here’s the first photo I shared via TwitPic. I was in San Francisco earlier this year and caught my first foul ball at a major league baseball game.


  1. Sign up for Twitter if you haven’t previously.
  2. Comment on my baseball photo.
  3. Follow me on Twitter (I’ll follow you back.)
  4. Upload your own photo to TwitPic.

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