Meet me in Paris?

This would ordinarily be the place where I would insert a punch line like, “Yes, I’m speaking in Paris, Texas” or one of the other 22 cities in the U.S. named “Paris.”

Or maybe I’d be referring to a convention at the casino in Las Vegas with a miniature (though still very large) version of this:

But this time it’s no joke: two weeks from today I will be in the original Paris for a three-day conference called the Health Executive Summit, where I will be on a Thursday panel.

I just found out from the organizers that I can offer guest passes to up to five of my contacts to also attend for free.


If you can get to Paris, FRANCE in a couple of weeks and would like to attend the Health Executive Summit, send me a tweet (@LeeAase) or send me a note via email via my contact form. I will send you the discount code to use in registration.

Given that we have a few SMUGgles on the Continent, maybe we’ll be able to use those passes. If you know someone who might be interested, please send them my way.