SMUG Changing Lives…

…or at least one life. After the presentation I did Thursday in Minneapolis for Aging Services of Minnesota, Kris Glaros Hanson came up to me and said that my presentation to the group last September had significantly changed her career plans. I asked if she’d be willing to tell about it on camera, so here is her story:

I look forward to seeing how Kris puts her SMUG training to work on the site she will be launching,

If you’d like to share your SMUG experience, either your thoughts about one of my presentations or the online curriculum, please do so in the comments below. If you’d like to write a recommendation for my on LinkedIn instead, that would be great too. Here is my public profile.

And of course I welcome your constructive suggestions for improvement, too.

Ragan Social Media Workshop Slides

For those who attended the Ragan Communications Workshop led by Shel Holtz yesterday, here are the slides I presented for our case study, sharing examples of what Mayo Clinic is doing in social media.

I hope many of you will enroll in SMUG today. It was great offering an extension class, and I appreciated all the comments and questions. Stay in touch!

Engaging Key Stakeholders through Social Media

Today I had the pleasure of giving a presentation to MHSCN, the Minnesota Health Strategy and Communications Network. This also provided me an opportunity to try, a service that is like YouTube for presentation decks, so that I can share the slides with those who attended (and anyone else.)

This was a great group, highly engaged and interested in the subject matter, which was using social media to engage employees and to communicate with outside stakeholders.  It was a fun opportunity to offer a SMUG Extension Class. I hope lots of the MHSCN members will decide to enroll.

For those who attended, I would appreciate any feedback on the presentation, and would be happy to answer any additional questions you may have.