The Social Networking Imperative

At the Association of Organ Procurement Organizations (AOPO) meeting in Baltimore this morning I will be presenting on innovative uses of social media. The theme of the meeting is Embracing Change: Transforming OPOs for Future Success.

I hope I can help. Here are the slides from my presentation:

Personalizing the Passion: Social Media, Transplant and Organ Donation

I’m in St. Louis this afternoon for the Association of Organ Procurement Organizations‘ annual meeting. If you want to see what anyone is saying about this in Twitter, use the #aopo hashtag.

Here are some other links participants might find helpful:

  1. Scott Meis and his blog, as well as the Donate Life Illinois group in Facebook.
  2. The LifeSource blog
  3. Bob’s NewHeart blog and his Facebook group
  4. Our Mayo Clinic Transplant Games 2008 activity.
  5. A post that lists our various Mayo Clinic social media platforms.
  6. The “Octogenarian Idol” post that’s gotten lots of traffic via a viral video.
  7. Finally, here’s the page that tells you the various ways you can enroll in SMUG to get hands-on social media experience, and implement the 10 steps I outline in the presentation above.

Spreading the Word on Social Media

Over the next couple of weeks, I’ve got a full schedule of travel with conferences, panels, webinars, workshops and the like. I’ll be showing and telling about our work in social media at Mayo Clinic, and also implications and applications for others in health care and beyond. My schedule is below. Based on what I’ve seen from the registration (and speakers/panelists) at the events, I’m going to be highly stimulated by the experience. 

This week I’m going to Washington, DC on Wednesday and Thursday for the New Media Academic Summit at Georgetown University. It will be quite an experience for the Chancellor of a mythical university to interact with real-life Ph.D. professors. I’m on a Thursday afternoon panel.

Next week I’ll be in Phoenix on Monday and Tuesday at the Healthcare New Media Marketing Conference. On Wednesday afternoon I’m part of a panel sponsored by the Chicago Chapter of the American Hospital Association. On Thursday I’m participating in this free “Meet the Experts” Webinar (with @EdBennett, @JennTex and @BrianCharlonis) and then presenting to the Association of Organ Procurement Organizations’ annual meeting in St. Louis. And on Friday in St. Louis I’m doing the keynote (and a workshop) for HESCA’s 50th International Conference on Health & Science Communications.

In my spare time I plan to meet with some TV and radio station news and program directors to talk about our Mayo Clinic Medical Edge syndicated programs and news resources.

This is the most intense travel schedule I’ve had, but it just seemed to work out that these events were in reasonable proximity. And clearly we’re in a time in which the interest in social media is high, particularly in health care.

Of course I’ll be tweeting along the way, so you can follow (and participate in) the conversations. If you’re in any of these communities (or will be at any of these events) and would like to meet, drop me a note (or a Tweet).